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To build a professional is far more valuable than hiring one

To build a professional is far more valuable than hiring one

Among the whole framework of activities ‘outside the box’, so to speak, that comprise the work of Educational Management of ClearSale, today we will talk about the Affinity Groups. Aiming at the integration, development, rest and mental health of our professionals, this pit stop periodically offered by the company, is the meeting of a group of people discussing a topic of common interest, through activities previously thought and organized by the coordinators of each group, who are constantly monitored by professionals.

Annually, they also execute a social project that has synergy with the theme that the group works. In all, today there are 49 active groups and, due to the company's growth exponent, the expectation is that this number will continue increasing.

Like many projects which grow and come out well and quickly, our affinity groups had some features being spun with the car in motion, so to speak. One of the novelties, which arose in January 2016, was the MPAG (Monitoring Program of the Affinity Groups). Through it, our Educational Management team directs, coordinates, develops and encourages groups to implement activities increasingly consistent and rich for the participants. But, the most prominent point in this program is the opportunity to form new leaders.

There is a special focus in this follow-up, as it is a time for training and developing coordinators and mentors, who can have leadership positions in the company in the future.

A case worth mentioning is the one from Adriana Patrocínio, a collaborator of ClearSale since April 2016. She began in our team as an Operator Level 2 and through her leaders, she discovered that she would be eligible, according to her deliveries, to fill the position of Operator Level 4 just three months after she started working. From the start to the goal, after 6 months of considerable deliveries, Adriana has managed to achieve her desired position.

 ‘What I really wanted was to deal with people, and I wanted more, the position of Multiplier was perfect and it was thanks to the MPAG and the Affinity Group that my conquest took place’, stresses Adriana. She also points out that, in addition to the excellent follow-ups of the program, the challenge of having to redesign all the activities of the group she participated in, the ‘a bit of everything’ group was essential for the development of her sense of leadership.

A leader does not necessarily discover this talent in the College, College activities, at home or at work, in a natural and intuitive way. He may be born with the help of trained professionals to bring this hidden profile to reality, adding value to various sectors of society, including the workplace, which is essentially ClearSale’s  objective of to develop activities such as this, to find out the profound talent of each person.

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