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The synergy between the personal and professional life in the work environment

By Clearsale

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The synergy between the personal and professional life in the work environment

From Monday to Friday, and for some, even on Saturday and Sunday, the routine in the labor market and the demand for delivery of results is massive. The search for time breaks to think about personal achievements and in the organization of family matters becomes a daily stressful task as it is very difficult to make this wheel turn perfectly.

But life just follows in the same way because the labor market is culturally regarded in this way, even being cruel sometimes. But, why not testing another way to live and work? Why not combining your professional life with your personal goals?

That is how the CEO of ClearSale, Pedro Chiamulera, thought when he decided to transform 1 hour of its employees on Tuesdays in a moment of exchange, learning and development. ‘I want people to work here because they like, identify themselves and not only by their wages’, emphasizes Pedro, who today can make more than 800 employees enjoy this 1 hour of integration per week that the company offers.  

The organization of these activities is left to the company's educational management sector, which was structured solely for employee development in a conscious, productive and persistent way, not forgetting the growth of the person and his professional side. In the famous ClearSale T!s both the planned themes for Educational Management as the suggested ones by the employees themselves are approached (after the approval from the area responsible for such activities).

The person that suggested the subject is the one that governs the T!, i.e. the company once again gives the opportunity for growth and development for that person, in addition to the space to share experiences. Among life stories, thematic issues and professional knowledge, the activity gains more consistence and grips on the company, having to be extended for some Wednesdays sometimes.

 ‘In psychology there is a very important sentence: 'We are the result of our choices’, but actually, how many of these choices are really the ones we would like to have made?’, stresses Leonardo Dalecio, psychologist and analyst of human development at ClearSale. For him, this developer’s process having a space granted by the company to express himself, share and grow together helps developing, both personally and professionally. In addition, it also helps to bring results as consequence, rather than by obligation. When the life is in balance, the quality of what is delivered comes naturally. It is not always possible to have what you love as a profession, but it is with initiatives such as this that it may be possible to join love and work because even if in different activities, the synergy between them can make this be worth. 

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