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Opening an e-commerce depends on more than just suppliers, but rather on great partners

By Clearsale

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Opening an e-commerce depends on more than just suppliers, but rather on great partners

When we talk about opening an e-commerce, the speed to make a purchase with the use of a click can also bring the allusion that to set up a business in this area is easy, but it is not at all.

Except all responsibility and organization that an entrepreneur must have, when it comes to e-commerce, the range of suppliers who need to hire, for example, make an extensive list. There are approximately 15 businesses that will potentially join a store to do the shopping click become this magical and simple activity that we know and the store can thrive. Now, how can we make this process a little easier?

Starting by choosing a company with strong market presence and a wide range of partnerships can be a good move, because it will bring you other great suppliers and market know-how. In ClearSale, for example, we have a specialized sector in partnerships with other providers of the e-commerce market, which can help a lot in choosing the rest of the companies which we have to work with. Starting from a track like this, some facilities are aggregated in this way as attainment of discounts, easy access to other suppliers, agility in the process of integration of platforms, great exchange of experiences among the sectors, aiming at the good business development, the generation of new businesses, among other benefits.

ClearSale has high-quality and reliable partners in its portfolio, assisting in the support to customers in an extremely delicate point. Thus, good quality is not just a great aspect, to choose firstly a company already stabilized and reliable on the market can create facilitating bridges in this way which presents so many details and work demands.

At ClearSale we work with more than 400 partners in the segments of platforms, payment, developers, agencies, ERP, full e-commerce and consulting. Big names like Vtex, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop and others help us strengthen this joint construction of the business with our customers and be more and more part of every detail which entrepreneurs need to make their business take off.

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